My late teens were spent cycling the world; now I'm reCycling the World.

1975 Stats

I bicycled through 29
countries in 29 months from
15/Jul/1975 to 22/Dec/1977

42,368 km cycled in
481 days of travel
88 km/day average

2009 Stats

I'm cycling south from
Saint Paul, MN, USA.
8/Apr/2009 to 31/Jul/2011

48069 km cycled in
533 days of travel
90 km/day average

My last update was from
St. Paul, MN, USA

km = miles
°C = °F


Map of world with 1975 & 1999 routes Europe West Asia South Asia Southeast Asia Northeast Asia North America 2009 Map

Click on a region of the world for more details.
Click on the 2009 arrow for a current map.

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